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Department of Human Services Seminar on Autism
photoAlt Today I had the chance to speak at a conference being held at the Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. The hospital itself was incredibly impressive. I had the chance to meet with many doctors and administration associated with the hospital, which was great. Commissioners Velez and O’Dowd invited me to join them in unveiling the new guide on autism and website for the Office on Autism. These two things are so important and will provide a central location for families in NJ that deal with autism to find information about services, resources, and support that is available to them. From all my travels over the past month, which have focused on autism, it is a common theme that I saw… parents want the best lives possible for their children and were looking for the tools to do so. With the creation of this guide and website, NJ is one step closer to helping those families impacted by autism to fulfill the goal of helping their children to live the fullest life they can. Thank you to Commissioners Velez and O’Dowd and their staffs for the work they are doing to help this community.

To take a look at the new guide and website, please go to: