Following The First Lady

First Lady Mary Pat Christie Launches the New Jersey Impressions Landscape Art Exhibit at Drumthwacket
photoAlt Shortly after becoming First Lady of New Jersey, Mrs. Christie started a campaign called Rediscover Drumthwacket, encouraging New Jerseyans to take pride in the beautiful and historic Governor’s Residence. As part of this initiative, Mrs. Christie and the Drumthwacket Foundation Board decided to bring in new and exciting pieces of artwork to hang alongside historic paintings throughout the first floor of the Residence. By working with the Fine Arts Committee, led by the talented Jeff Haines, the Board went on a search of the best landscape pieces they could find from within our very own state. They gathered 22 works of art from 13 different New Jersey artists, creating the New Jersey Impressions Landscape Exhibit.

On September 18th, Mrs. Christie unveiled the new exhibit at a reception at Drumthwacket.  She was happy to visit with the artists and their friends and family members as well as other members of the art community.  Through this exhibit, the artists share their impressions of New Jersey’s vast array of landscapes – from urban to rural and industrial – capturing New Jersey in all of its dimensions.

We encourage you to come enjoy the artwork and see firsthand how these contemporary images bring something fresh to the historic walls of Drumthwacket. The Residence is open to the public on Wednesdays, so please see for more information.

PHOTO CAPTION : First Lady Mary Pat Christie welcomes New Jersey artists and their creative works to Drumthwacket for the New Jersey Impressions exhibit.(Photo Credit: Steven Lane)