Governor Chris Christie Launches New, Interactive Website, Incorporates Social Networking Tools

  • Wednesday, February 24, 2010
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Trenton, NJ – The Office of Governor Chris Christie has announced the launch of the new website, The new website will serve as a portal of information where citizens can stay up to date on policies, initiatives and events surrounding the Governor and his Administration. As more and more people look to the web for information and to learn about the issues, it is becoming one of the most effective mediums to have a dialogue. The site has Web 2.0 features that will allow users to interact directly with the Governor and his staff, providing a vehicle for an ongoing exchange of thoughts and ideas. features a new blog, "You've Been CC’d," integrated social networking sites and video.  These platforms allow for a two-way conversation where New Jerseyans can have their questions answered, share their opinion and hear directly from Governor Christie and other members of his Administration.

“We built the website keeping in mind that not only do we want to keep New Jerseyans informed, but we want to collaborate with them throughout Governor Christie's term in office,” said Maria Comella, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. “Rather than using the website as an end point, this will be a jumping off point for users in the process of sharing ideas.”

Key features of the website include:

  • Updated newsfeed
  • “You’ve Been CC’d” Blog
  • Governor's YouTube page featuring video from the Governor, the Cabinet, staff and other Administration officials
  • Real time Twitter feed for Governor Christie and NJGovNews
  • Access to the office RSS Feeds, Facebook and Youtube
  • The Newsroom page which housing updated press releases, audio, video, and photos
  • The Priorities page providing information on policies and initiatives

      “More and more, Americans are going to websites, blogs, social media, and other internet-based resources to get their information,” said Patrick Jones, Director of New Media.  “Nearly 1 in 5 internet users are using Twitter or similar mediums to get and share information, 27% of Americans adults are using social networking sites, and 6 out of 10 adults are seeking out critical health information online.  Our goal is to communicate directly with the public with timely, important information from Governor Christie and their state government.  This new website will enable us to be that much more effective in engaging the public.”

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