Governor Christie – “The eyes of the entire world will be on New Jersey.”

  • Thursday, May 27, 2010
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Governor Christie spoke at a press conference following the announcement that the 2014 NFL Super Bowl was coming to New Jersey.

On the Wednesday, May 26, the Morning Joe Show on MSNBC showed clips of the Governor's remarks at that press conference and voiced their opinions about what he said.

The video of the Morning Joe Show can be seen on the GovChristie YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Full transcript of the video is provided below.


WILLIE GEIST:  A guy we like a lot here in New Jersey, Chris Christie -


WILLIE GEIST:  -- Holding a press conference to celebrate the announcement.  He wanted to make it very, very clear, this game is being played in the state of New Jersey.


GOVERNOR CHRISTIE:  The eyes of the entire world will be on New Jersey.  I'm looking out this door, this is New Jersey, and I look where that stadium is, and it's in New Jersey.  And when everybody gets on the train or in their cars or on buses, they're going to be coming to that game in New Jersey --- When the game comes up, they're going to say, live from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

WILLIE GEIST:  New Jersey.



JOE SCARBOROUGH:  Yeah baby!  Who doesn't love that guy?

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak

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