What They Are Saying: Health Care Leaders from Across New Jersey Agree...

New Jersey Hospital Association President Betsy Ryan:

"In a year when the state is facing daunting budget deficits NJHA appreciates the governor's overall commitment to New Jersey hospitals by increasing overall funding for charity care.''  (Mary Jo Layton, "Paterson's St. Joseph's hospital gains under proposed funding," The Record, 6/8/10)

Hospital Alliance of New Jersey President and CEO Suzanne Ianni:

"As the hospitals that serve as the safety net for NJ's uninsured, Hospital Alliance is grateful that in an unbelievably difficult budget year, the Administration worked hard to ensure that limited funding is distributed to the hospitals with the highest charity care burden.  By prioritizing access to healthcare in the SFY 2011 Budget, it is clear that Governor Christie gets it.''  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Saint Clare's Health System President and CEO Les Hirsch:

"In view of the significant challenges of this year's budget we are especially grateful to Governor Christie for his commitment to providing critically needed charity care funding for New Jersey's hospitals, as well as his recognition of the important role of hospitals in providing health care to the uninsured."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Capital Health CEO and President Al Maghazehe:

"I am very pleased that Gov. Christie made it a priority to continue, and in many instances increase, charity care funding for the state's hospitals.  At a time when the state is in a dire financial situation and many programs are being reduced or eliminated, it is important to recognize the Governor for ensuring that these critical funds continue.  I am also grateful that the Governor has acknowledged Capital Health's role as a safety net hospital and provided the funds to help us continue to care for our uninsured patients."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Saint Peter's Healthcare System CEO Ron Rak:

"We are pleased that in these difficult economic times Governor Christie has make made healthcare a priority."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Kennedy Health System President and CEO Martin A. Bieber:

"Governor Christie indicated from the beginning of his term that he would continue to fairly compensate the hospitals which provide the largest access to charity care patient services for New Jersey's most needy citizens.  I am also pleased to see that the state is undertaking efforts to maximize reimbursement from the federal government.  His efforts in both these areas are commendable."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

St. Joseph's Health Care System President and CEO William McDonald:

"St. Joseph's was pleased to see an increase in funding for charity care.  It is a long time coming.  St. Joseph's has had the largest growth in patient volume from 2008 to 2009.  We provided over $10.2 million in additional charity care and received $7.4 million in funding.  Truly this year, the dollars flow to the organizations which provide the care.''  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Jersey City Medical Center President and CEO Joseph Scott:

"Each year Jersey City Medical Center continues our mission of enhancing life by serving the entire community with exceptional care.  This year, amid much financial pressure, we are grateful to Governor Chris Christie and Dr. Poonam Alaigh, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, for their strong support of the state's safety net hospitals and the enhanced funding for charity care this year.  As one of the states largest providers of quality medical services to citizens of New Jersey without health insurance, it is vital that the health safety net is funded.  Governor Christie and Commissioner Alaigh continued support of the charity care program will help guarantee that these most vulnerable families will be able to receive excellent medical care at Jersey City Medical Center."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

East Orange General Hospital President and CEO Kevin J. Slavin:

"East Orange General Hospital appreciates the Governor's budget proposal to increase charity funding to New Jersey hospitals-especially those that provide the highest level of care to vulnerable populations.  Given the tremendous budget constraints that the state faces we are dedicated to working with the Governor and Legislature to preserve access to healthcare for all of the state's residents.''  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

Palisades Medical Center President and CEO Bruce J. Markowitz:

"We are very appreciative and thankful for the commitment of Governor Christie and Commissioner Alaigh to New Jersey hospitals.  Their support to increase charity care funding will enable New Jersey's citizens to continue receiving high quality and comprehensive health care services."  (Statement to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak

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