July 13, 2010 - Property Tax Cap 2.0

  • Tuesday, July 13, 2010
On Cap 2.0 bringing real property tax relief to New Jerseyans:

Daily Record, "...Coming At Just The Right Time":

"A 2 percent cap is more stringent than what we have now and it may be coming at just the right time."

Star-Ledger Editorial Board, "...A Big Win For New Jersey Taxpayers":

"The Assembly's vote yesterday to endorse the 2 percent cap on property tax increases is a big win for New Jersey taxpayers..."

Northern Valley Suburbanite, "...A Step In The Right Direction":

"...this plan should be a step in the right direction to helping the state's property tax problems."

Home News Tribune, "...It Is Superior To The Current Cap":

"...knowing that politics and compromise are interchangeable, we support the 2 percent cap...it is superior to the current cap..."

Press of Atlantic City, Cap 2.0: "Best Shot" For Relief From "Ever-Spiraling Tax Bills":

"...it's far better than the status quo - and it does appear to be the best shot property taxpayers have right now in getting some relief from ever-spiraling tax bills."

On Cap 2.0 being a product of a Governor Christie's steadfast push to get property tax reform passed:  

Charles Stile, The Record, "[Christie] Pulled Off A Political Long Shot Last Week":

"Christie has reason to believe the Rain Gods will buckle to his bombast. He pulled off a political long shot last week, wrenching an annual 2 percent cap on property tax increases from the reluctant, Democratic-controlled Legislature. He drove the Democrats to drop their lip-service defense of the weaker 4 percent limit enacted by former Gov. Jon Corzine in 2007. He forced the Democrats to ante up and negotiate, largely on his terms...the promise of a coming 2 percent cap, at the very least, lets Christie proclaim that help is on its way...Posturing is also a euphemism for acting - or rain dancing - and Christie has demonstrated that as political thespians go, he's as good as they come."

George Amick, The Times of Trenton, "Christie Has Been Amazingly Successful":

"Christie has been amazingly successful, so far, in getting what he wants from the Legislature. Taxpayers, like their elected local officials, had better hope he can keep it up."

On Governor Christie's willingness to work with the legislature to pass meaningful reforms:

Daily Journal, "2 Percent Cap With Voter Ok Will Work Fine":

"Hurray for Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic state Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney. Because of their compromise agreement reached over the weekend, meaningful property tax reform may be in New Jersey's future."

Daily Journal, "Kudos To Gov. Chris Christie":

"The Senate took a giant step toward property tax relief this week when it approved a measure reducing New Jersey's property tax cap from 4 percent to 2 percent and trimming the exemptions to the limit.  Kudos to Gov. Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney for working together and coming up with this compromise Democrats and Republicans can support."

The Gloucester County Times, "...Agreement On This Issue Is A Hopeful Sign For The Future":

"Certainly, the governor and the Senate president deserve credit for showing that all is not lost in terms of their ability to play well together. Both Sweeney and Christie are strong personalities, to say the least, and their agreement on this issue is a hopeful sign for the future."

Carl Golden, Asbury Park Press, "A Defining Moment For Christie":

"The agreement - a 2 percent statutory limit on increases, with exceptions for health care and pensions, rising school enrollments, debt service and emergency situations - was a turning point for Sweeney and a defining moment for the governor...Christie showed that he does not intend to abandon his blunt and aggressive style of governing, but that he is sufficiently insightful to recognize that speaking softly and putting aside the big stick can pay off handsomely...Enactment of a credible cap on property tax increases through bipartisan cooperation provides rewards to both parties and even restores faith in the power of a mid-January public handshake."

Joseph Albright, Jersey Journal, "Tax Cap Compromise Heralded As A Win For Everyone":

"The Christie-Sweeney budget cap compromise is like a Major League Baseball trade favorable to both teams - the fans - and now the taxpayers."

On the need to pass the Governor's "Tool Kit" following the passing of Cap 2.0:  

Asbury Park Press, "...In Conjunction With A Hard Tax Cap - Will Provide, Over Time, Real Property Tax Relief":

"Trenton legislators these days may not be one big happy family, but if they get this tax cap passed, they can know that they have begun to do precisely what New Jersey voters elected them to do.  Note the choice of words: Begun to do.  Now that the Statehouse crowd has gotten used to working during the summer, let legislators take up Christie's 33-bill "tool kit," which - in conjunction with a hard tax cap - will provide, over time, real property tax relief.  As the governor said over the weekend, "In leadership, there's always a moment when you have an opportunity to get something done, and you better not let that moment go by."  Exactly. And now is that moment."

Daily Journal, "...Lawmakers Must Begin Work On Passing The Governor's "Tool Kit":

"The work of the Legislature can't end with this measure. Once approved, lawmakers must begin work on passing the governor's "tool kit," which will give local officials the tools they will need to meet the cap -- such as changes to civil service and arbitration."

George Amick, The Times of Trenton, "Tax Cap, Tool Kit Must Go Together":

"Christie, to his credit, also wants the Legislature to create a "tool kit" stocked with more than two dozen reforms of the kind the League sought in 2006. These include revisions to a rigid and antiquated civil service law to allow towns to opt out of the system (now, once in, they're locked in), relief from state-imposed spending mandates, and changes relating to pensions and benefits...couldn't have put it better than Chris Christie did when he said: "It's not just the cap. It's the tool kit, as well. Both must be done. One cannot be done without the other. If you do the tool kit without the cap, it renders the tool kit less effective. If you do the cap without the tool kit, it makes the cap unworkable."


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