Governor Christie Vetoes Actions of New Jersey Maritime Pilot & Docking Pilot Commission

Trenton, NJ – Governor Chris Christie continued to hold New Jersey’s authorities and commissions accountable by rejecting two resolutions approved by the New Jersey Maritime Pilot & Docking Pilot Commission during its July 20, 2010, board meeting. This is the eleventh veto exercised by Governor Christie against actions taken by various state authorities and commissions. 

The first veto involves the adoption of the Commission’s proposed Fiscal Year 2011 Budget, including a line item in the amount of $50,000 for “Oversight Services.” Since no analysis was performed before the meeting to determine the necessity of the services and the costs required to perform them, the amount of $50,000 is considered speculative at best and raises questions about the sufficiency of the Commission’s budget preparation.

While the Commission presented three different budget options, containing three different amounts for “Oversight Services,” the final amount was not selected until the day of the meeting. “Accordingly, the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget should not have been approved absent a thorough review of these issues,” Governor Christie wrote in his August 31 veto letter to the Commission.

Consequently, Governor Christie also vetoed the Board’s approval of a resolution that authorized a reduction in fees charged to Maritime Pilots in accordance with the Commission’s reduced budget. Since the Commission’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget was vetoed, the associated fee reduction also was denied until a final budget is authorized.

After reviewing the minutes of the Maritime Pilot & Docking Pilot Commission, it is evident that the last-minute process used to finalize this budget was flawed and completed without sufficient analysis,” Governor Christie said. “New Jersey’s financial situation demands that all authorities and commissions be held accountable for the development of responsible budget and spending plans.”

No other veto power was exercised on any other actions taken by the Commission at the July 20, 2010 meeting.

Attached is a copy of Governor Christie’s letter [pdf 48kb] to the New Jersey Maritime Pilot & Docking Pilot Commission.
Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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