Governor Christie Takes Action on Ethics Reform and Government Transparency:

·         EO-15 signed, directing a comprehensive review of all state authorities, boards and commissions and taking immediate action to reform abusive fiscal practices signed.

·         Signed EO-7 which modified prior Executive Orders in order to level the playing field on "pay-to-play" restrictions.

·         EO-8 ordered and directed the Department of the Treasury publish quarterly reports on all State expenditures.

·         Called for additional, critical reform measures to overhaul the Delaware River Port Authority and to increase accountability at the hundreds of boards, commissions and authorities that form the previously invisible and unaccountable layers of government in New Jersey.

·         Increased transparency of government priorities and performance with the online Governor’s Performance Center.

·         Debuted YourMoney.NJ, Governor Chris Christie’s online government transparency center.

·         Published the salaries of all employees of in the Governor’s office and across the Executive Branch.

Governor Christie Takes Critical First Steps to Reform Pension & Benefits System in NJ:

·         S2, S3 and S4 signed into law, which requires local government public employees to contribute to their generous medical benefits, saving municipalities, counties and school districts $314 million in FY 2011.

·         Spared employers an average $400 per employee, or 52%, increase in the unemployment insurance payroll tax and instituted benefits reforms that will reduce the Unemployment Compensation Fund's reliance on employer contributions and help restore the Unemployment Compensation Fund to solvency, ensuring the sustainability of benefits for employees in the future.


Governor Christie’s Initiatives to Make New Jersey a Home for Job and Economic Growth:

·         Signed EO-1 which ordered and directed all proposed regulations and rules, with exceptions for public safety and health, frozen and suspended for a period of 90 days.

·         Signed EO-2 which ordered and directed all agencies, boards, commissions, departments and authorities over which the Governor has the power to veto minutes to implement and adhere to Common Sense Principles concerning regulatory burdens.

·         Signed EO-3 which created a Red Tape Review Group.

·         EO-12 signed, which created the Housing Opportunity Task Force.

·         Partnership for action plan unveiled to make New Jersey a home for growth.            

·         Overhauled State government's regulatory system and reduced the red tape that stifles economic growth and imposes costs on businesses and citizens.

·         Unveiled realistic and achievable measures to reform New Jersey’s system of affordable housing.  

·         Signed legislation that removes the regulatory burden, serves our environment by expanding renewable energy assets and serves the economy by creating demand for solar panel production.

·         Choose New Jersey launched by Governor Christie, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and business leaders.

·         Announced historic port expansion and land acquisitions at Marine Ocean Terminal at Bayonne (MOTBY) and Global Marine Terminal on Port Jersey, utilizing the State’s homegrown resources for sustainable job creation and economic growth.            

·         Signed legislation to simplify and make more predictable regulations governing land-use development applications at the municipal level, encouraging development and lowering costs for New Jersey businesses and job creators

·         Signed S-1813 to protect New Jersey small businesses and Reform UI Trust Fund.

·         Governor Christie presented the recommendations of New Jersey Gaming, Sports and Entertainment Advisory Commission as a blueprint for economic growth and prosperity. 

·         Signed legislation establishing the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority.

·         Secured $39.6 million federal grant to improve technology infrastructure.

·         Signed Offshore Wind Economic Development Act to spur economic growth, encourage energy as industry.

·         Signed legislation to ease restrictions on public-private partnerships between higher education institutions and private entities, encouraging flexibility in planning and growth at state and county colleges, and creating jobs. 

·         Commitment to growth and improving the business climate in the state helps keep Honeywell in New Jersey.

·         Vetoed an income tax rate hike, saving taxpayers $637 million.

·         As part of the signed FY 2011 budget, allowed the corporate business tax surcharge to sunset, saving employers $90 million.

Governor Takes on Status Quo to Make Real Education Reform a Top Priority:

·         Called for one-year salary freeze and 1.5% health benefits contribution, provides path forward for school districts to protect New Jersey school children, prevent layoffs and program cuts.                                          

·         Ordered and directed the creation of the New Jersey Higher Education Task Force.

·         Offered plan to provide additional state aid to school districts that adopt salary freeze.                                

·         Signed (S-920) legislation to encourage public-private partnerships for higher education institutions.

·         Unveiled a proposal to cap and reform school administrators' salaries. 

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak

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