Opinion Round-Up: Asbury Park Press - Christie’s Pension Reform Is “…Absolutely Necessary”

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2010
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Asbury Park Press, Christie’s Pension Reform Is “…Absolutely Necessary”:
“The other shoe has dropped. It had to, and the sooner the better. Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday proposed cuts in pension payments for state and local government workers and teachers, along with dramatically higher employee health benefit contributions…Draconian? Maybe. But absolutely necessary. Without these drastic and long-overdue changes, the entire house of cards will collapse. The unions will cry foul, of course. But before their leaders fume and moan and threaten to challenge each of the provisions in the courts, they should take a deep breath and realize they need to be realistic and responsible — for the sake of their own members and taxpayers. Unless dramatic benefit reforms are enacted, and soon, the only alternative to insolvency is massive layoffs of public employees…It's way past time to get the leviathan of retiree pensions and behemoth of retiree health care costs under control.”
Daily Record, “Many Governors Have Been Confronted By The State's Pension Liability; Christie Is The First To Try To Do Something About It”:
“By and large, however, the governor has the facts — and we think a majority of state residents — on his side. No current public employee should feel comfortable with a pension system $46 billion in the hole. That puts their promised benefits at risk. The governor is trying to combat the status quo with a wide range of reforms. Many governors have been confronted by the state's pension liability; Christie is the first to try to do something about it. That is to his credit.”
The Daily Journal, “Christie's Pension Reform Proposal Is Harsh But Necessary Medicine”:
“It's a matter of simple math, and the numbers are ugly…Enter Gov. Chris Christie, proposing dramatic changes to the state's pension program. His plans are designed to keep the pension system solvent and reduce the overwhelming burden the system would place on taxpayers if nothing were done. Make no mistake; Christie's pension reform proposal is harsh but necessary medicine…It's time to fix the state's broken pension system, for everyone's sake.”

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