Governor Chris Christie – "It's time to get to work."

  • Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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Only 69 Days Left to Enact Governor Christie’s Reform Agenda

Stressing That "It's Time For Them To Be Held Accountable", Governor Christie Once Again Urged The Legislature To Pass His Bold Reforms "To Save Our State"...

Gov. Chris Christie accused the Democratic-controlled Legislature of sitting on its hands rather than advancing his pension and health benefits, education and ethics reform agenda. Christie told a town hall audience of about 100 people on Tuesday that the Legislature has 70 days to act before recessing for Christmas on bills he deemed crucial to help stabilize the state's highest-in-the-nation property taxes. He mocked the Legislature for having misplaced priorities - approving bills on pet sterilization and how to destroy confiscated tobacco - then scolded its leaders for failing to debate bills that raise the retirement age, create merit pay for teachers and require lawmakers to disclose more of their income and assets. "It's time to stop with the pet sterilization bills and the destroying tobacco contraband bills. It's time to stop with the foolishness," Christie said. "Is that what we're spending our time on when we have 70 days left to really reform the system and capture the mo

Governor Christie Tuesday called on the leaders of the state Legislature to take up a series of reform packages and said they need to prove to New Jersey residents they are doing their jobs. Christie also pushed for legislative leaders — his political adversaries — to begin taking action on his proposals to reform local government costs, ethics laws and pensions and benefits for public employees. “You need to get on the phone with your legislators and tell them ‘enough with the garbage, enough with the politics,’” Christie said.” (Josh Margolin, “N.J. Gov. Christie urges lawmakers to take up reform packages,” , 10/12/2010)

Gov. Chris Christie hammered on the dwindling deadline for lawmakers to act on his reform agenda as he brought his latest town hall meeting to Ewing yesterday. Facing a crowd of more than 200 in the Hollowbrook Community Center, he consistently emphasized the 70 days left until the Legislature breaks for the holiday season. “I’m not a patient man — I know that,” said Christie during his opening remarks. “It’s time to get to work.” He outlined the different components of his reform plan, including those relating to education, ethics, the pension system, and state employee health reform. He also criticized the state Legislature for not moving faster...“It’s time for them to be held accountable.” He also cited recent bills that the body voted on, including one concerning sterilization of animals at state pounds and another naming days and months after special events. “This, with 70 days left, is what they’re spending their time on,” he added, provoking laughter

Fiercely proud of his New Jersey roots and committed to turning around the fiscally troubled Garden State, Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday exhorted his supporters to put pressure on the state Legislature to act on several bills that address sweeping reforms in education, property taxes, government ethnics and low-cost housing. Christie made his pitch at a town meeting Tuesday afternoon at Ewing’s Hollowbrook Community Center, where a crowd of close to 200 answered the e-mail invitations sent out by Republican organizations and chambers of commerce, among others. “These reforms won’t fix everything, but it’s a good start to turn around New Jersey,” Christie said, standing in front of a blue sign that read “Christie Reform Agenda, Rethink, Reform, Rebuild New Jersey.” To his left, mounted on an easel, was another message: “70 Days Left for Legislature to Act on Reform.” “We’re broke and we need to save our state,” the Republican powerhouse declared, noting “$70

“The 70 days is about holding them accountable,” said Gov. Chris Christie, as his reform tour landed in Ewing today. “You see me in the newspaper every day, I’m held accountable”… “Where are their ideas?” he asked. “We’re doing something, and forcing (the legislature) to do something,” Christie said. “When you’re doing real work, you’re going to anger some people.” (Timothy J. Carroll, “On Christie’ reform challenge, only 70 days left for legislature action,” PolitickerNJ , 10/12/2010)

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