Governor Christie: Cap 2.5 Hoboken



It’s important to note, that nearly eighty percent of our city’s budget, our operating budget, is personnel costs. So, I need help reducing those personnel costs, and that’s why it’s important – again, with the arbitration process, that we be able to have a way to really fairly negotiate with our labor unions and address those issues. The Cap 2.5 – I think it’s extremely important that that passes as a package. So, not only do we need the Cap 2.5, but we also need the mayors’ tool kit that the Governor is proposing. I think the most important elements of that are the arbitration process and the shared services, so at the very least, the arbitration process needs to change. I was the first municipality to have Governor Christie come to Hoboken, and he gave a wonderful talk with the residents of Hoboken. I’m reaching out to legislators and letting them know my position on this and trying to encourage them to support these measures. I’m writing to residents and speaking out publicly on this. I think he’s doing a great job going, you know, going around to various municipalities and taking it directly to the people and letting them know how important this is.

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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