Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Legislation

Trenton, NJ – Today, Governor Chris Christie vetoed the following bills; copies of the veto messages are attached:

S-483/A-3295 (Lesniak/Coutinho, Quigley, Wagner, Watson Coleman) – CONDITIONAL - Expands availability of general development plan approvals and long-term vesting of preliminary and final site plan approvals in Smart Growth areas

S-2065/A-3128 (Norcross, Greenstein/Quijano, Ramos, DeAngelo) – CONDITIONAL - Provides for development of searchable “Bulletin NJ” local public bidding and employment database

S-2126/A-3139 (Whelan, Haines/Quijano, DeAngelo, Ramos, Wagner) – CONDITIONAL - Permits development of solar and wind facilities and structures on landfills and resource extraction operations under certain circumstances

A-2529/SCS for S-2306/2321 (Chivukuka, Quijano, Stender/B. Smith, Van Drew, Bateman) – CONDITIONAL - Concerns energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements

A-3195/S-2480 (Greenstein, DeAngelo, Watson Coleman, Lampitt, Conaway, Benson/Beach, Whelan) – CONDITIONAL - Requires State Treasurer to create uniform application form for use by small businesses to apply for certain State financial assistance programs

On Wednesday, March 2, 2011, Governor Christie signed:

S-923/A-2545 (Whelan, O’Toole/Quijano, Watson Coleman, Casagrande) – Changes date for mail-in-ballots transmission from 40th to 45th day before an election, with certain exceptions; permits referendum on school levy cap and municipal levy cap to occur on same day

On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, Governor Christie signed:

S-914/A-2909 (Gill, Scutari/Greenstein, Fuentes) - Allows professional corporation to use or register an alternate name; allows use of certain abbreviations in certain business names; updates references for certain State business filings

SCS for A-1559/S-2132 (Lampitt, Coutinho, Evans, Riley, Quijano, Coughlin/Van Drew, Whelan) – Eliminates use of rebate procedure for claims of sales and use tax exemption made in connection with certain sales to certain UEZ qualified businesses

S-1923/A-2990 (Norcross/Gusciora, DeAngelo, Rodriquez, Coughlin) – Permits sale of motorcycles on Sunday
S-2170/A-3595 (Ruiz, T. Kean/Wagner, Stender, O’Donnell) – Concerns creation of benefit corporations

S-2493/A-3254 (Sarlo, Gill/Diegnan, Tucker, Quijano) – Maintains right of corporate directors and officers to indemnification under certain circumstances

S-2498/A-3494 (Greenstein, Beach/DeAngelo, Riley, Barnes, Wagner, Pou) – Allows for unemployment insurance beneficiaries to file, reopen, cancel or close claims online

A-2720/S-2014 (Burzichelli, Rumana, Caputo, Quijano, Greenstein/Oroho, O’Toole) – Establishes new procedure in “Administrative Procedure Act” to allow substantial changes to agency rule-making upon adoption

A-2853/SCS for S-6/1914 (Burzichelli, Milam, Albano, Moriarty, Giblin/Sarlo, Kyrillos) – Streamlines process for State and local agency business permits related to economic development projects

A-2859/S-1964 (Quijano, Burzichelli, Riley, Evans/Lesniak, Ruiz) – Authorizes sale and lease of unneeded public property to certain nonprofits for gardening and urban farming and exempts such urban farms from property taxation

A-3253/S-2492 (Diegnan, Wisniewski, Quijano, Chivukula/Sarlo, Gill) – Provides corporation with right to renounce corporate opportunity doctrine


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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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