Even in Challenging Fiscal Times, the Christie Administration Protects Access to Women’s Health Care Services

But in the end for me, it’s about the appropriate fiscal management of the state and paying only once for those things that we are paying for that we think are important. And I think women’s health care is extraordinarily important and access to women’s health care is important.

We do that not only through federally qualified health clinics, through other clinics which are supported throughout the state both through private and public dollars, and through our hospital system which is supported by this administration in both years with increased money for charity care and through the hospital stabilization fund where we also support hospitals that provide that provide that type of care for folks across the state.

- Governor Chris Christie, Ask the Governor, 5/20/11

New Jersey Women Have Access to Comprehensive Health Care Services. Tens of thousands of women continue to have access to comprehensive reproductive health care services through Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and family planning sites.

  • Since the Beginning of the Christie Administration, Support for Family Health Services has Increased by Over $30 million Dollars.

      Approximately 430,000 Low-Income and Uninsured People Received Services at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) Last Year. There are 20 federally designated and funded comprehensive primary care centers in New Jersey, with 103 sites for low-income people that provide dental, pediatrics and health care to both women and men.

    • Community Health Centers (FQHCs) Generally Provide More Comprehensive Services than Family Planning Clinics. FQHCS are governed by the federal government and are required to provide a full range of general reproductive health care, including clinical breast exams, pap smears, testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV and prescriptions for contraception.
    • NJ Medicaid is Projected to Spend Over $113 Million – 10% Over the Current Year – for Medical Services Provided in FQHCs. New Jersey proposed to spend over $113 million, an increase of $11 million, or over 10% of this year, to reimburse federally qualified health centers for treating those New Jerseyans who are covered by the State’s Medicaid program.
    • In Addition, Governor Christie has Proposed $41.8 million in SFY2012 to Reimburse Federally Qualified Health Centers for Individuals who are Uninsured. New Jersey proposed to spend $41.8 million, an increase of $1.8 million over this year, to reimburse federally qualified health centers for treating those New Jerseyans who are uninsured.

    Tens of Thousands of Women Will Be Able to Receive Care at Family Planning Sites. Approximately 48 family planning sites will continue to provide health care services in New Jersey, including:

    Planned Parenthood clinics, local health department clinics, free standing clinics and hospital-based clinics.

    • In Addition, Every County in New Jersey has at Least One Family Planning Center. The centers receive a total of $12 million in federal and state funding for women’s reproductive health services

    Governor Christie Protected $6 Million for New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection program (NJCEED) Which Funds Mammograms. Governor Christie maintained funding for mammograms for low-income women in this year’s budget at the same level as last year’s budget.

    • The NJCEED program provides services for Mammograms and other cancer screenings. The NJCEED program provides cancer screening for 18,000 clients a year at 23 sites throughout the state. Most mammograms are done through private, free-standing radiological facilities or hospitals. Visit http://web.doh.state.nj.us/apps2/cancerfacilities/njceed.aspx for a list of NJCEED’s 21 lead agencies in the state.
    • NJ CEED also supports cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer screening.
    Press Contact:
    Michael Drewniak
    Kevin Roberts

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