Governor Chris Christie’s interview with WFAN’s Boomer & Carton

  • Monday, February 6, 2012
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BOOMER ESIASON: Let’s talk about the New York Giants, Super Bowl champions.

CRAIG CARTON: Before we do that, Governor Christie is a Jet fan, and yet he was all in with the Giants because he’s the Governor of New Jersey. And you’re well aware, Governor Christie, that tomorrow morning at 11 that parade will start in downtown Manhattan.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I am aware of it. Absolutely.

CRAIG CARTON: Your thoughts on that?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Well listen, I’m hoping that we’re going to have a celebration in New Jersey as well. We’re talking to the Giants today. I think it’s important to do that, but obviously I wouldn’t ever suggest that we shouldn’t also have them not to have the experience of going up the Canyon of Heroes in New York.

CRAIG CARTON: And by the way before you were governor obviously when they won four years ago now, they did do something, I think they did it at the stadium parking lot either right before they went to the Canyon of Heroes or right after, I forget which.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Yeah. And what we’re suggesting is we do something at the stadium and a rally for the fans. We’re talking to the Giants today …


GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: … to try to arrange it so that the fans on both sides of the river get an opportunity to celebrate with their champs.

BOOMER ESIASON: You know, it’s kind of interesting, as we talk to Governor Christie, you know we were in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl Gov, and I’ve got to tell you Indy did an unbelievable job.


BOOMER ESIASON: Were you out there? I don’t know if you were out there.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I was at the game. Yep.

BOOMER ESIASON: You were, okay. It was unbelievable the job they did out there. That led me to think about the Super Bowl that’s going to be here in 2014 and the political football that that’s going to be. Because I know you guys over in Jersey are very proud that the stadium’s over there, both of the teams are there, but it seems like there’s going to be a split between Manhattan and New Jersey. How is this all going to work out in 2014 where everybody can be happy?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Well so far it’s working out well, Boomer. The host committee is split between the two states and both of us recognize that neither New York or New Jersey by itself could host the Super Bowl. And so there’s going to be events and venues in the city, there’s going to be events and venues in New Jersey and I was with Al Kelly who’s the head of our organizing committee yesterday in Indianapolis and with a number of sponsors and so far everything is working out really well and both sides of the river are working well together. And I assume that’s the way it’s going to happen. Believe me, as you saw in Indianapolis there’s plenty to go around for both sides.

CRAIG CARTON: You think Romney will let you leave the White House for a couple of days to enjoy it out here?


CRAIG CARTON: Governor Christie joins us now. I know you’re rooting for the Giants because they play in your state and like me, I’m a Jet fan but I wanted New York to do well even though I picked New England to win the game. You were at the game yesterday. New England’s winning 17-15, they have a chance with the Welker drop to maybe go in to close it out. In that one moment in time as a Jet fan, at any point, were your thoughts ‘Alright, I could see New England winning it and be okay with it’ or no.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: No, because if you like the Jets, you hate the Patriots. So from my perspective it was a pretty easy choice yesterday because the Patriots are Bill Belichick and you know, forget it. Who wants to see them win? And I’ll tell you that Welker drop happened right in front of where my son Patrick and I were sitting. The only time all day that I was really nervous the Giants might not win was when Brady was throwing that ball and I looked and Welker was just wide open and I thought this it not good. And I had an 11-year old who just lives and dies with the Giants, and right before that play he had turned to me and said ‘You think they’re going to win right?’ I said ‘Yeah, absolutely they’re going to win. You bet. No sweat. Welker is going to drop a wide-open pass. They’re going to win!

CRAIG CARTON: Three minutes and change left, and their worst-case scenario inside the 20, and then it’s clock-milking time and a touchdown to go up nine, and then bad ride home.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: They only had one timeout left, because they had been messing around with the play clock.

CRAIG CARTON: Let’s do this. We don’t know it as a fact yet, but as a gambling man I feel very confident that the Giants will work something out whether it’s before or after the parade tomorrow for Jersey residents who – It’s stll a work day tomorrow, they can’t get off and get into the city to see the actual parade. I feel confident in saying that there will be something for Giant fans to get out to the stadium Tuesday either before or after the parade. We should know in the next couple of hours you think Chris?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: We should. My folks are working with the Giants people this morning to try to get that done. Nothing is set yet, but we’re really hopeful that it will work out. And as you said I think the Maras and the Tisches are very sensitive to the fact that they have both New York fans and they have New Jersey fans and that all the facilities are over in our state. And most of the players live in our state. So I think they’re going to try and work something out for the residents of New Jersey too who have been supporting the Giants big since 1976 when they moved over to the original Giants stadium. But it was a great, great game to watch, and a great celebration to participate in on the field last night after the game.

BOOMER ESIASON: I think if we’re worried about the New Jersey fans and the New York fans, then we should worry about the Connecticut fans too. I think they’ve got a bunch of fans up there too, don’t they?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: They don’t even have Connecticut on their helmets, Boomer. They’ve got the ‘NY’ on their helmets and everything else is New Jersey. And I’m ok, I’m willing to share but not with Connecticut for God’s sake.

CRAIG CARTON: Because that’s a couple of states away. Are you back or are you still in Indy?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I’m back. We got back at about 2:30.

CRAIG CARTON: Your kids blowing off school today or no?

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Patrick is still sleeping, yes.

CRAIG CARTON: For sure. Although, it’s a great day to go to school if you’re a kid and you’re a Giant fan because all your buddies are like ‘yeah, we won!’

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: He’ll be going in later. But the best part of the evening was, I did get to take a picture of Patrick last night holding the Lombardi Trophy with Kevin Boothe.

CRAIG CARTON: That ain’t bad.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: So he’ll be taking that baby into school today you can imagine.

CRAIG CARTON: At any point, is there a reminder, as we finish up Governor Christie – You and I are very similar. We’re both handsome, we’re both still in our low 30s, we both have beautiful wives and kids and yet for the second time in four years we sit there as Jet fans and we watch the Giants parade. The Mets season is already over, the Knicks are under .500 and nobody cares about hockey anyway.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I love the Rangers.


GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: The Rangers are killing it. Aren’t they Boomer?

BOOMER ESIASON: Yeah they are, man, what a game it was on Sunday. I got a chance to get to the Super Bowl stadium and watch them on my sling box.

CRAIG CARTON: Oh stop it. Nobody cares about hockey Boomer.

BOOMER ESIASON: A little Ranger hockey, a little championship football. For a New York fan who loves Big Blue, it doesn’t get any better than that.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I can smell the cup Boomer, can’t you?

BOOMER ESIASON: Easy, don’t touch the money Chris, don’t touch the money.

CRAIG CARTON: Chris Christie, always a pleasure. Taking care of New Jersey. And as soon as your staff has a word on it, I guess since you only talk to Boomer, text Boomer so we can broadcast what Jersey will do for the Giants.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Hey Boomer will you do me a favor? Will you please give this whining girl my cell phone number?

BOOMER ESIASON: I’m not going to give him the phone number. Listen if he wants to join our pact together maybe we’ll talk about it.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Hey, listen. Make him join the pact.

CRAIG CARTON: Is that a mini-Super PAC?

BOOMER ESIASON: That means you gotta write me a check. … I don’t have one so everybody back off.

CRAIG CARTON: Boomer Esiason and the elect Chris Christie for President PAC.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Hey fellas great job this morning as always. And thanks for letting me come on for a couple of minutes.

CRAIG CARTON: That was Governor Christie of New Jersey.
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