Supremely Qualified: Support Continues to Pour in for Bruce Harris and Phil Kwon

“My practice area is devoted primarily to serving as bond counsel for various bond issuers in the State of New Jersey. During the over 30 years I have been engaged in that practice, I have worked with most of the top attorneys around the State who are involved in public finance transactions. I have worked with Bruce Harris on a number of such transactions.

“Bruce Harris is one of those attorneys that has always stood out in my memory as being very professional to deal with and very attentive to the interests of his client. Bruce is very bright and he takes nothing for granted in his review of lengthy and complicated transaction documents. He is extremely thorough and exacting. An important aspect of Bruce is his ability to deal with difficult issues that arise during the course of a matter and to be able to fashion a resolution of the problem.

“Bruce's natural abilities and deep experience in the public finance arena should stand him in good stead to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. It is my honor to provide my support for Bruce's nomination to the State Supreme Court.”

Bernard S. Davis
Wolff & Samson PC

“I have known Phil Kwon professionally for over 10 years. I handled multiple matters with him, including at least one trial, while he was an Assistant United States Attorney. As my adversary, I found Phil to be very prepared to deal with the issues at hand and felt he always treated me and my clients with respect. I believe Phil possesses a high level of character and integrity and I wholeheartedly support and endorse his nomination as a Justice to the New Jersey Supreme Court.”

Peter R. Willis
Willis & Young, P.C.

“I have known Bruce and have worked with him for over 15 years. Together, we have worked on many important projects for the benefit of New Jersey governmental entities and not-for-profit corporations.

“You already know that Bruce has impeccable academic credentials. In addition, and more importantly, Bruce possesses the highest degree of professional and personal integrity. I have always found him to be a zealous advocate for his clients and at the same time fair, reasonable and respectful of all transaction participants. As a public finance attorney, Bruce is required to be expert in constitutional law, statutory interpretation, securities law, tax, contracts, commercial law, real estate and a host of other disciplines.

“His career as a public finance attorney, coupled with his even temperament and high integrity, provide Bruce Harris with the skill set and real world experience needed in order to craft solutions to the complex legal questions and issues faced by the New Jersey Supreme Court. “

Chuck Toto
Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP

“I am familiar with the legal abilities and the professional character of Phil Kwon because I have been involved in various matters in which he was my adversary while he was an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. At least two cases were high-profile prosecutions of public officials.

“Mr. Kwon was extremely well-respected by the Court as someone who had significant knowledge and understanding of the Hobbs Act and other relevant law. I personally interacted with him on numerous occasions and found that he was a highly intelligent and capable lawyer whose character and integrity as a prosecutor were unparalleled.

“In my humble opinion, I cannot think of a person who would be a more qualified nominee.”

Thomas R. Ashley
Law Office of Thomas R. Ashley

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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