59 Days: By The Numbers


59 Days: By The Numbers

With Just 59 Days For The Legislature To Act,
The Numbers Tell The Story Of The Important Work Before Them



Percent Chance Of Assembly Democrats’ Tax Plan Becoming Law.


Number Of Years A Teacher In New Jersey Currently Has To Work Before Receiving Lifetime Tenure, Regardless Of Performance.


Percent Tax Cut Across The Board Proposed By Governor Christie.


Potential Percent Of New Jersey Tax Filers Who Won’t Receive Anything From Assembly Democrats’ Tax Plan.


Percent Re-Arrest Rate For Non-Violent Drug Offenders Sent To Prison, Compared With 16% For Drug Court Graduates.


Percent Of New Jersey Taxpayers Who Will Benefit From Governor Christie’s Tax Cut Proposal.


Days Since Governor Christie’s State Of The State Address In Which He Proposed:

  • A 10 Percent Across-The-Board Tax Cut.
  • Increasing The Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • Common-Sense Bail Reform To Keep Violent Offenders Off The Streets.
  • Expansion Of Drug Courts To All Non-Violent Offenders.


Times Democrats Raised Taxes Before Governor Christie Took Office.


Mayors From Both Parties Who Have Joined Governor Christie’s Call For The Legislature To Pass Real Sick Reform.


Days Since “The School Children First Act” Was Introduced In The Legislature Which Would:

  • Reform Tenure Based On Effectiveness.
  • Base Teacher Pay On Need And Merit.
  • End Last In, First Out To Protect Quality Teachers.
  • End Forced Placements For Teachers.


Days Since Governor Christie Conditionally Vetoed Sick Pay Reform To End Cash Payouts For Unused Sick Leave.


Days Since Governor Christie Proposed 15 As Yet Un-Enacted Tool Kit Reforms Aimed At Solving New Jersey's Property Tax Crisis.


Days Since Governor Christie Took Office Without Allowing Tax Increases.

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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