A Clear Contrast

  • Monday, May 07, 2012
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A Clear Contrast
Assembly Democrats Are Obsessed With Raising Taxes,
While Governor Christie Has Fought To Lower Them

“We’ve seen this movie before. They raised taxes and fees 115 times in eight years. That’s a tax or fee increase every 25 days. … Here’s the thing with Assembly Democrats, they’re obsessed with raising taxes.”
– Governor Chris Christie, Town Hall, Garfield, NJ, May 2, 2012




Governor Christie Has Proposed A 10 Percent Income Tax Cut Across The Board, As Well As An Increase To The Earned Income Tax Credit.

In The Last Two Years, Assembly Democrats Have Proposed Increasing Income Taxes Three Times. (A10, Passed Assembly: 46-32, 5/20/10; A4202, Passed Assembly: 46-32, 6/29/11; Jarrett Renshaw, “N.J. Assembly, Senate introduce tax cuts targeting residents earning less than $250K,” The Star-Ledger, 3/6/12)



Governor Christie’s Proposal Will Bring Tax Relief To Every New Jerseyan.

The Assembly Democrats’ Tax Cut Excludes Up To 42 Percent Of Tax Filers. (New Jersey Department Of The Treasury, Division Of Taxation, 2008 Statistics Of Income, Tables 1.4; 3.5)


In His First Six Months In Office, Governor Christie Reduced The Size Of New Jersey’s Government By 8.3 Percent And Closed A Combined $13 Billion In Deficits Without Raising Taxes.(“Governor Christie Signs Historic FY2011 Budget Closing $11 Billion Shortfall Without Raising Taxes,” Press Release, 6/29/10)

Trenton Democrats Increased Taxes 115 TimesTo Pay For Out Of Control Spending Over The Eight Years Before Governor Christie Took Office.


Governor Christie Signed Sweeping Bipartisan Pension And Benefits Reform That Will Save New Jersey Taxpayers $120 BillionOver The Next 30 Years. (Governor Chris Christie, “Governor Christie Signs Into Law Bold, Bipartisan Pension and Health Benefits Reform,” Press Release, 6/28/11)

32 Out Of 46 Assembly Democrats Voted Against The Bipartisan-Supported $120 Billion Relief For Taxpayers. (S2937, Passed Assembly: 46-32-1; 6/23/11)



Governor Christie Has Signed Into Law $2.35 Billion In Tax Relief To New Jersey’s Job Creators– To Be Phased In Over Five Years – Spurring Economic Growth And The Creation Of Sustainable Jobs For New Jersey Families.  (“The Governor’s FY 2013 Budget: Budget Summary,” Office Of Management And Budget, 2/21/12)

The Result: 2011 Was The Best Year Of Private Sector Job Creation Since 2001.

By 2009, New Jersey Had Been Ranked As The Worst State Business Tax Climate For 4 Consecutive Years, Thanks In No Small Part To Democrats’ 115 Tax Increases. (“State-Local Tax Burdens and Ranks by State, 2009,” The Tax Foundation, 2/23/11)

  • In 2009, New Jersey Also Had The Highest State-Local Tax Burden In The Nation. (“State-Local Tax Burdens and Ranks by State, 2009,” The Tax Foundation, 2/23/11)



In July 2010, Governor Christie Signed A 2 Percent Hard Cap On Property Taxes. In 2011, New Jersey Homeowners Saw An Average Rise Of 1.7 Percent In Effective Property Taxes.(“The Governor’s FY 2013 Budget: Budget Summary,” Office Of Management And Budget, 2/21/12)

  • The Smallest Increase In Nearly Two Decades” (Megan DeMarco & Eric Sagara, “Did N.J. Property Tax Reform Help Most Taxpayers?” Star Ledger, 1/8/12)

Four Members Of The Assembly Voted Against The Property Tax Cap … You Guessed It, All Democrats:

  • John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex)
  • Patrick Diegnan (D-Middlesex),
  • Annette Quijano (D-Union),
  • Bonnie Watson-Coleman (D-Mercer) (S29, Concur Gov Rec; Passed Assembly: 73-4-2; 7/12/10)


Governor Christie Has Vowed To Veto Any Increase To The Gas Tax. (Governor Chris Christie, Town Hall, Evesham, NJ, 5/10/11)

Assembly Democrat-Sponsored Bill Proposed Raising The Gas Tax $2.4 Billion. (A2718, Introduced, 5/13/10)

  • Assemblyman And State Democratic Party Chairman John Wisniewski Repeatedly Proposed Increasing Gas Tax. (Bob Makin, “Assemblyman faults Gov. Christie on Transportation Trust Fund,” Home News Tribune, 2/12/2011; Larry Higgs, “Gas tax hike: Are there any reasonable alternatives?” Asbury Park Press, 4/20/2010; “Wisniewski & Cryan on Christie's Decision to Kill Hudson River Commuter Rail Tunnel Project,” NJ Assembly Democratic Office, 10/8/10)


Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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