School’s Not Out Yet

With Just 27 Days Remaining Before The Budget Deadline, Summer Break Isn’t Here Just Yet For Legislators Who Still Have Work To Do

Photo from the townhall meeting

“Dealing with the legislature is like dealing with your children who have a book report due. Many of you parents understand exactly what I mean. The book report’s given to them in January. The teacher tells them ‘You’ve got to have that book report and it’s due June 30th. … For us, the teacher assignment is the State of the State address in January. I laid out an ambitious agenda in January for the things that we needed to get done this year. … All of a sudden there’s 30 days left. They just picked out the book. They haven’t started reading it yet. And they’ve got to jam it all in to the last 30 days. … And for some reason they never change. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the New Jersey State Legislature.”
– Governor Chris Christie, Town Hall, East Brunswick, NJ, May 31, 2012


ASSIGNMENT: Cut Taxes For Every New Jerseyan.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


ASSIGNMENT: Increase The Earned Income Tax Credit To Help Low-Income Families.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


SUBJECT: Education

ASSIGNMENT: Reform Tenure To Measure Teacher Effectiveness And Reward The Best Teachers.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


ASSIGNMENT: End Last In, First Out To Make Sure New Jersey Retains The Best Teachers.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


ASSIGNMENT: Base Teacher Pay On Need And Effectiveness Rather Than Seniority.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


ASSIGNMENT: End Forced Placements Of Teachers.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


SUBJECT: Bail And Drug Court Reform

ASSIGNMENT: Pass A Constitutional Amendment To Reform Bail Eligibility And Keep Violent Offenders Off The Street. 

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


ASSIGNMENT: Expand The Use And Availability Of Drug Courts To All Non-Violent Offenders.

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE



ASSIGNMENT: End The Abuse Of Sick Pay. 

  • Grade:  INCOMPLETE


Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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