Corzine Democrats’ Edition: “Comeback”

  • Wednesday, August 01, 2012
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Trenton Dictionary

Traditional Use:

  1. A return to prosperity;
  2. Adding 89,700 jobs since February 2010 (NJ Department of Labor);
  3. Having the best year of private sector job creation since 2001;
  4. Securing over $8.15 billion in total public-private investment since January 2010;
  5. Building on a commitment to increase New Jersey's competitiveness and improve business climate by providing $347
    million in job-creating business tax cuts and incentives in the fiscal year 2013 budget.

Corzine Democrats Use:

  1. A return to reckless Corzine-era policies;
  2. A setback.

  1. "The governor talks a lot about a Jersey Comeback, but under Gov. Christie, we're seeing a Jersey Setback with …an
    economy that's falling behind…." (Greenwald: Christie Owes Haddonfield Families Explanation for His 'Jersey Setback' Policies, , Press Release, 6/12/12)
  2. "It's not an economic comeback, it's an economic setback." (Jarrett Renshaw and Sal Rizzo, "N.J. Senate passes $31.7B budget plan, The Star-Ledger, 6/25/12)



Watch Governor Christie Talk About The New Jersey Comeback

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