Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Pending Legislation

Trenton, NJ – Governor Chris Christie has taken action on the following legislation:


ACS for A-1277/SCS for S-641 (Coughlin, Bramnick, Diegnan, McHose, Ramos/T. Kean, Norcross) – Revises privileges of limited and restricted breweries

A-1338/S-743    (Greenwald, DeCroce, Green, Milam, Moriarty, Bramnick/Sarlo, Oroho) - Extends expiration date of certain permits pursuant to the “Permit Extension Act of 2008”

A-1400/S-1879 (Wilson, Coutinho, C.J. Brown, Gove/Norcross, Allen) – Concerns adding names of certain veterans to certain civil service eligibility lists

A-1543/S-742 (Burzichelli, Rumana, Singleton, Wisniewski, Ramos, Moriarty/Sarlo, Oroho) - "Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act"

A-2036/S-715 (Russo, Chivukula, Caride, Wisniewski/O’Toole, Greenstein) -  Requires private entity primarily engaged in business of providing transportation for passengers in wheelchairs to secure passengers in wheelchairs using four-point securement system and to secure unoccupied wheelchairs

A-2125/S-2046 (Burzichelli, Chivukula, Benson/Beach, Greenstein) – Eliminates requirement for CATV companies to provide advance notification of price decreases or addition of channel offerings

ACS for A-2313, 2564/S-1753 (Chivukula, Singleton, Greenwald, Wimberly, Sumter/Sarlo) – Clarifies requests for proposals of public entities implementing energy savings improvement program contracts

A-2594/S-1439 (Wisniewski, Quijano/Buono) – Concerns the sale of portable electronics insurance and licensing of limited lines insurance producers for that purpose

A-2676/S-1823 (Caride, Schaer/Sarlo) – Designates State Highway Route 7 bridge between Township of Belleville and Borough of North Arlington “Lance Corporal Osbrany Montes De Oca Memorial Bridge”

A-2741/S-318 (Burzichelli, Bramnick/Whelan, Oroho) – Provides that subcontractors who furnish non-specialty trade work shall not be named in local public bid documents

ACS for AJR-38/SJR-56 (Fuentes, Ramos, Mosquera/Gordon, Whelan) – Designates June of each year as “Men’s Health Awareness Month”

AJR-57/SJR-23 (Tucker, Wilson/Van Drew, Oroho) - Declares October of every year "Agent Orange Awareness Month"; encourages increased awareness about potential negative health effects of exposure on Vietnam veterans



A-575/S-253 (Wagner, Gusciora, Vainieri Huttle, Ramos/Gordon, Beck) ABSOLUTE  - Prohibits treatment, discharge, disposal, or storage of wastewater, wastewater solids, sludge, drill cuttings or other byproducts from natural gas exploration or production using hydraulic fracturing

A-1459/S-822 (Gusciora, McKeon, Barnes/B. Smith, Bateman) - CONDITIONAL - Revises “Electronic Waste Management Act”

A-2169/S-1261 (Conaway/Vitale) - CONDITIONAL - Establishes moratorium on licensing of certain emergency medical service helicopter response units pending evaluation and report

A-2351/S-1447 (Johnson, Burzichelli/Weinberg) – CONDITIONAL - Establishes online portal for acceptance of donations to certain funds to which contributions may be made on gross income tax returns

A-2395/S-1246 (Coughlin, Coutinho, Benson/Vitale, Greenstein)CONDITIONAL - Changes priorities for financial assistance from Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund

A-2885/S-2095 (Prieto, Singleton, Sumter/Sarlo, Greenstein)CONDITIONAL - Requires prompt monthly reporting on condition of major State budget funds and disclosure of the State’s accrued revenues compared with anticipated revenues

A-3164/S-2120 (Webber, Prieto, A.M. Bucco, Singleton, DeCroce/A.R. Bucco, Rice) – CONDITIONAL - Requires State pay educational costs of students who reside in domestic violence shelter or transitional living facility outside district of residence for more than one year

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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