Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Pending Legislation

Trenton, NJ – Governor Chris Christie has taken action on the following legislation:


ACS for A-1277/SCS for S-641 (Coughlin, Bramnick, Diegnan, McHose, Ramos/T. Kean, Norcross) – Revises privileges of limited and restricted breweries

A-1338/S-743    (Greenwald, DeCroce, Green, Milam, Moriarty, Bramnick/Sarlo, Oroho) - Extends expiration date of certain permits pursuant to the “Permit Extension Act of 2008”

A-1400/S-1879 (Wilson, Coutinho, C.J. Brown, Gove/Norcross, Allen) – Concerns adding names of certain veterans to certain civil service eligibility lists

A-1543/S-742 (Burzichelli, Rumana, Singleton, Wisniewski, Ramos, Moriarty/Sarlo, Oroho) - "Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act"

A-2036/S-715 (Russo, Chivukula, Caride, Wisniewski/O’Toole, Greenstein) -  Requires private entity primarily engaged in business of providing transportation for passengers in wheelchairs to secure passengers in wheelchairs using four-point securement system and to secure unoccupied wheelchairs

A-2125/S-2046 (Burzichelli, Chivukula, Benson/Beach, Greenstein) – Eliminates requirement for CATV companies to provide advance notification of price decreases or addition of channel offerings

ACS for A-2313, 2564/S-1753 (Chivukula, Singleton, Greenwald, Wimberly, Sumter/Sarlo) – Clarifies requests for proposals of public entities implementing energy savings improvement program contracts

A-2594/S-1439 (Wisniewski, Quijano/Buono) – Concerns the sale of portable electronics insurance and licensing of limited lines insurance producers for that purpose

A-2676/S-1823 (Caride, Schaer/Sarlo) – Designates State Highway Route 7 bridge between Township of Belleville and Borough of North Arlington “Lance Corporal Osbrany Montes De Oca Memorial Bridge”

A-2741/S-318 (Burzichelli, Bramnick/Whelan, Oroho) – Provides that subcontractors who furnish non-specialty trade work shall not be named in local public bid documents

ACS for AJR-38/SJR-56 (Fuentes, Ramos, Mosquera/Gordon, Whelan) – Designates June of each year as “Men’s Health Awareness Month”

AJR-57/SJR-23 (Tucker, Wilson/Van Drew, Oroho) - Declares October of every year "Agent Orange Awareness Month"; encourages increased awareness about potential negative health effects of exposure on Vietnam veterans



A-575/S-253 (Wagner, Gusciora, Vainieri Huttle, Ramos/Gordon, Beck) ABSOLUTE - Prohibits treatment, discharge, disposal, or storage of wastewater, wastewater solids, sludge, drill cuttings or other byproducts from natural gas exploration or production using hydraulic fracturing

A-1459/S-822 (Gusciora, McKeon, Barnes/B. Smith, Bateman) - CONDITIONAL - Revises “Electronic Waste Management Act”

A-2169/S-1261 (Conaway/Vitale) - CONDITIONAL - Establishes moratorium on licensing of certain emergency medical service helicopter response units pending evaluation and report

A-2351/S-1447 (Johnson, Burzichelli/Weinberg) – CONDITIONAL - Establishes online portal for acceptance of donations to certain funds to which contributions may be made on gross income tax returns

A-2395/S-1246 (Coughlin, Coutinho, Benson/Vitale, Greenstein)CONDITIONAL - Changes priorities for financial assistance from Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund

A-2885/S-2095 (Prieto, Singleton, Sumter/Sarlo, Greenstein)CONDITIONAL - Requires prompt monthly reporting on condition of major State budget funds and disclosure of the State’s accrued revenues compared with anticipated revenues

A-3164/S-2120 (Webber, Prieto, A.M. Bucco, Singleton, DeCroce/A.R. Bucco, Rice) – CONDITIONAL - Requires State pay educational costs of students who reside in domestic violence shelter or transitional living facility outside district of residence for more than one year

Copies of the veto messages:

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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