Video & Transcript: Governor Christie: Dreamers Don't Have To Wait Any Longer

  • Thursday, December 19, 2013
  • Tags: Education


Governor Christie: This is what compromise looks like. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud but you can do both at the same time. You can have public arguments about a particular piece of legislation or a policy position and at the same time be having quiet, private conversations where you say how are we going to bring people together to get this done. But here’s the most important thing – the most important thing is for these young men and women of our state, who we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in in their K-12 education, we’re now going to give them an opportunity in an affordable way to be able to continue their education. And if they do, that’s going to be to the benefit, first and foremost, of themselves. Secondly, to their families. And third, to the [families] of New Jersey, who will benefit from a more educated workforce to meet the challenges of the global economy. All those are good things. That’s why if it works out the way I believe it will based on my conversations with Legislative leadership, and from the comments I heard this morning from Senator Sweeney in his press availability, that this will be once again an example of New Jersey showing how you can come to bipartisan agreement. Not that we agree on everything, but that we find a way of bringing people together and come to a position that will benefit all the people of this state.

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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