Governor Christie: I Will Take Action No Matter How Much It Hurts Personally

  • Thursday, January 9, 2014
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Governor Christie: It’s incredibly disappointing to have people let you down this way. I’m incredibly loyal to my people and I expect in return their honesty and their candor and their loyalty, and I didn’t get it and it’s a hard thing, a hard thing after you work as hard as I do with them at it. But here’s the thing: this is my job and there are going to be mistakes and there are going to be disappointments. I don’t think there’s a perfect government anywhere in the country and I certainly never claim to have one. I claim to have the best government I can possibly make and sometimes there are going to be mistakes. And when there are, I have to own up to them and take responsibility and act.  And that’s what I’ve done today. And my promise to the people of the state is that if there’s any other evidence that comes forward that requires action to be taken, I will take it, no matter how much it hurts me personally or dismays me because this is the job I asked for and I’ve got to do it.

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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