Governor Christie: We Cannot Fail The Children Of Camden Any Longer


Governor Christie: We cannot fail these children any longer. When I finally came to the point of making this decision sitting in my office in Trenton and I just said to myself after sitting in a meeting with the Commissioner and a number of members of my staff who were taking me through the pros and cons, after they left me I was sitting in the office by myself and I said two things to myself in making this decision, one enough is enough. Enough waiting, enough excuses, enough of the blame game, enough. And secondly, that this is why I believe people gave me the chance to do this job. Not to take on the little things, but take on the big challenges. When you take on big challenges, you run the risk of failing. But life is not a dress rehearsal everybody. We don't get another shot at this. Not just of having a job like this but of trying to mold a community and I don't want to look back on my time as Governor and say that I should have done something differently. I should have acted more aggressively, I should have done more for the people and the children in particular of this city. There will be some who will be critical. There will be some who will throw stones. An old story for me everybody, I'm happy to take them. The fact is that what no one will be able to say about the people assembled behind this podium and many others in this room who are willing to take this endeavor with us, they will not be able to say that we didn't act. And I believe that failure to act in this instance is a greater sin than any other mistake than we could make.

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Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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