Governor Christie & Mayor Redd: Working Together To Make Camden A Better Place


 Mayor Dana Redd: As the mayor of Camden, I can tell you that I’ve had a strong partnership with Governor Christie and moving forward initiatives that have brought transformational change to the city of Camden. Such as the partnership that we formed with the State and the County to launch our Metro Division of the Camden County Police Department. And Council President and I have heard from our residents, Governor, on how appreciative they are to see our officers patrolling the streets of Camden. We want to also recognize our police chief who is here today. Our Police Chief John Scott Thompson, and all of our Metro officers and we say thank you to you Governor for standing with me for the safety of our city. Today, we continue our collaboration and our partnership with the Governor to bring transformational change to education for our children because we believe that each child has the potential to learn. We believe that each child has the potential to be the next mayor, the next Congress member, or the next Governor of this state. But, we also know that we have to lay the foundation to ensure that they are getting a quality education and not an education that is determined by their zip code.

Governor Christie: Someone asked me recently, why things were happening so quickly in Camden? The new police force; economic development that’s beginning; school improvements that you’re beginning to feel and see. Why are those things happening here? And what I told them was: it’s because we have a cooperative political partnership in Camden. We’re not spending time bickering with each other, we are spending time trying to find common ground with each other in order to make things better. Nothing, can replace that in public life. That’s because folks like Mayor Redd and members of the board and council are willing to work with us to make this a better place. So, thank you all for coming today, I appreciate it. I am thrilled that these children at these six schools are going to be getting that hot meal before they start their homework. I think we’ll see it make a real difference in their lives, and if we do, then we can try to expand program to other parts of the state where children are in need as well. In the end, it’s most important that we make sure that these children get educated. It will make a better Camden, it will make a better New Jersey, and it will make a better America. And so, keep up the great work. I will be in Camden frequently because I have a great investment here. Not only in dollars and cents, but from here. So, thank you all for coming today. I appreciate it.

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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