Governor Christie: They Know Me

  • Monday, February 3, 2014
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Eric Scott: There are a lot of things that are on your plate.


Governor Christie: Yes sir.


Eric Scott: But you are still in the midst of, at the very least, a big distraction.


Governor Christie: Right.


Eric Scott: At the very most, might be something more serious. Are you able to have the kind of dialogue that you need to have with the Senate President? With the Assembly Speaker?


Governor Christie: Yeah, we had it today. We had it today. We met for an hour and a half today. And they and I understand that our job is to run the State of New Jersey. And that we need to do those things for the 8.9 million people who we represent, and for the millions of people who voted for us just last year.

And so I understand that it’s a distraction. Believe me, nobody understands that better. But I think I was pretty clear on this at the beginning of the show, Eric. It’s not like I can say ‘Ok, everybody, I need a few months off to deal with this. I’ll be back to you. You know, that’s not the way life works. And what the people of New Jersey need to know is, I don’t need a few months off to deal with this, because they know the truth. They know me. They just re-elected me resoundingly. And they know I’m going to do this job. And that’s it. And anybody who tries to distract me from doing this job is going to be disappointed because I won’t be distracted.


In the midst of all this, Eric, we had a State of the State Address, we had an Inaugural, we’ve rolled out the next $1.4 billion proposal on Sandy aid. All stuff we’re going to be talking about this week. And we’re just going to do our job. And I met with the leadership of the Legislature today to lay out an agenda that I have and to listen to an agenda they have. That’s what we would normally do at this time of the year, anyway, under any other circumstances. So, no. No one’s going to stop me from doing my job.


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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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