Governor Christie: My Job Is To Be The Adult In The Room

  • Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Governor Christie: Yesterday, you know, my brother sent me a text after my speech and he said hey, watched the speech. A lot of sunshine in that thing. Thanks for cheering me up. But the fact is that my job, at least most of the time, is not to be the entertainer-in-chief, right, although I like to do that sometimes, and we might do some of that today, but it’s not to be the entertainer-in-chief. My job is to be the adult in the room, to tell you folks the truth about what’s going on, and the truth is mixed. We’re getting good revenue growth and our economy is coming back. When I became governor unemployment was over 10%. It’s now down to 7.3%. We have 130,000 new private sector jobs in the state that weren’t there four years ago. So things are getting better but they’re not good enough yet, and if we don’t get this monkey off our back of pension, health benefits, and debt service, we are never going to be able to grow beyond where we are as a state.

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Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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