Abigail To Governor Christie: Don’t Be A Follower, Be A Leader

Abigail: In my school we say “don’t be a follower, be a leader.” I’m giving you that same challenge: don’t be a follower – (laughter) (applause). Work with our teachers to find out – to find what works best for New Jersey’s students. Support the schools that are excelling, and find solutions to help the schools that struggle. I truly believe the PARCC Test is not a solution, but will only cause more problems. As you would say: I am Governor of New Jersey and that is my only concern. And part of your concerns are education. I ask you to really show your concern for our greatest asset by reevaluating your decision to bring the PARCC Test to New Jersey. (applause)

Governor Christie: Abigail. Come over here. Come on under. (applause) How are you? Good to meet you. How old are you?

Abigail: Good.

Governor Christie: How old are you actually?

Abigail: Ten.

Governor Christie: Alright. Couple of questions for you Abigail. (laughter) Did you type this?

(laughter) (applause)

Governor Christie: Let me ask you a question, why did you type it and not write it out? No, because I’m serious now – she did all this research and everything else – I’m not giving her a hard time. So you typed this out – why did you type this out?

Abigail: Um, well, I didn’t really have enough time to write enough of the words. It was kind of late at night.

Governor Christie: It was late?

Abigail: Yeah.

Governor Christie: Alright, well, good. Here’s what I’m going to do if you let me. I want to take this with me if I can. Do you have it on your computer?

Abigail: Umm-uh.

Governor Christie: Okay, so I’m going to take this with me, and tomorrow, just by coincidence, I’m meeting with the Commissioner of Education. So, I’m going to make him answer this. Alright? The good thing is that Abigail did write in hand some of this stuff. She put her name down here; her school; her home number; and her cell number. (laughter) So here’s what’s going to happen Abigail. When you get a telephone call from a guy who says his name is Chris Cerf. He’s the Education Commissioner. So, after he explains it to me, I’m going to make him call you and explain it to you. Okay? Good. We’ve got a deal.


# # #

Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Colin Reed

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