I Grew Up With A Sicilian Mom And Irish Dad


Governor Christie: What we’re going to continue to do is answer people’s questions, not when they yell and scream like that, but when they raise their hand and they work with everybody else to ask questions and answer them. People have watched my town hall meetings now 113 times, and I have had plenty of people who are angry with me and don’t like me, who I’ve called on—believe me, I didn’t call them on purpose, OK? I call on people randomly. Sometimes they like me, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they’re neutral. And when they yell and scream l, some days I sit and listen and take it and give a reasonable answer in response. If I’m in a cranky mood some days I yell back at them. And you’ve all seen this, so understand I have no problem—I grew up in a household with an Irish father and a Sicilian mother, which means I that have been raised on conflict, OK? So I don’t have a problem with conflict, but what I do have a problem with is a gentleman like this who I called on who doesn’t get a chance to ask his question. And you don’t get a chance to hear it, and then I don’t get a chance to answer it. That’s not good, so try it again.


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