Governor Christie To Celgene: Thank You For Investing In New Jersey


Robert J. Hugin: This is a very clear statement by Celgene of our view of the future of New Jersey. We are confident in the progress that’s been achieved in the last couple of years and the vision that Governor Christie and Democrats and Republicans who support that vision of improving the economic climate and the business environment in New Jersey is going to continue, and this is a very clear evidence of our commitment to the future of New Jersey, that it will be a better place, an even better place for people to work and live and we want to be a part of this.

Congressman Lance: We are the medicine chest of the world. We will continue to be the medicine chest of the world so long as Celgene and other great companies invest in New Jersey. That is what is occurring today.

Governor Christie: Celgene is a great example of how a productive partnership can occur between state government and the private sector, going all the way back to 1999 when Celgene only had 35 employees, and the state of New Jersey partnered with them through our Economic Development Authority to help with financing that kept the company growing. And then years later when they made a commitment through our BEIP program to create 600 new jobs in return for incentives from the state, Celgene created nearly 1600 new jobs. This is the kind of partnership that—where the state can be helpful to a company in its growing years, and then that company continues to remain committed to that state and its people as it grows and succeeds as Celgene has done under Bob’s leadership. And so I am very proud of the fact that we’re involved and partners with Celgene over the years. I’m thrilled that they’ve decided to continue to grow and expand here in New Jersey, and most importantly I’m happy for their patients who are benefitting every day from the extraordinary work that you, the men and women of Celgene are doing every day to bring their quality of life back to them and their families. And so this is going to be a great project. It’s going to allow Celgene to grow even further at this site here in Summit, and to remain an integral part of New Jersey’s growing economy and a great employer for our citizens.


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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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