Governor Christie: There Is Only One Jersey Shore


Governor Christie: While we’re protecting the shore environment we also want to make sure people are still enjoying the shore. New Jersey already provides fantastic coastal access at over 1,000 points along the shore. Last month, the NRDC ranked New Jersey’s beaches 3rd in the nation and our beaches have been open 99.9 percent of the time this season. And I’m angry at Martin that we missed that one tenth of one percent. We’ll try to do better next year. New Jersey’s shore is accessible, it’s healthy and we keep it that way – which is why we monitor water quality at 228 beaches up and down the shore. That’s more water quality monitoring than any state in America does on its’ beaches and we’re proud of that. There’s only one Jersey shore. We’ve all learned that, not only before, but the whole world has learned it over the last nearly two years and we’re committed to protecting it’s environment. We still have a few more weeks of the summer to go. I want to encourage everyone to come back to the shore. If you haven’t been here already, get here. If you’ve been here, come back. A couple years ago I told you to get the hell off the beach. And you know I always try to repeat that when I’m here because it was the people in Asbury Park who caused me to say that. Hurricane was coming. You damn people were still sitting on the beach, putting sunscreen on yourselves and you caused me to go down and meet the press and then say that. But that’s the spirit of this state.


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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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