Governor Christie: The State House Should Be A Destination And Symbol Of Pride


Governor Christie: We are working with the Economic Development Authority today to announce that we are going to begin immediately a complete renovation of the State House. A complete exterior renovation, a complete interior renovation and restoration, there will be new building infrastructure throughout in the HVAC systems, the data systems, health and life safety systems as well. We will repair all current code violations and ADA violations of which there are too numerous to list here today. And we will make sure that the entire building is once again a place that we can have people be proud to come visit, and proud to be a symbol of the government in our state. So when will work begin? Work will begin immediately on the initial stages of this. It’s a total $300 million renovation of the State House.  We will absolutely evacuate the building no later than July of this year and move to other space throughout the city of Trenton, where the Executive Branch will be housed for the better part of the next four years while this renovation takes place. I've been urging this to be done for years but I'm not going to leave here without it being done. To leave the State House in this condition is an embarrassment to the people of State, it impacts the health and safety of the people who work here and visit here and have business here. And quite frankly, it's shameful. I would urge any of you because for many of you who are here every day or many days this becomes just another office building, another place where you come to do your work. I would urge you today, if you have an umbrella or if you don't care about the rain, to walk around the outside of this building and really look at what this place looks like from the outside let alone, what happens here on the inside of the building to folks. This is not what should be the symbol of state government in this state. It also should not be a place that we ask people to come work in everyday and put their lives and their health at some measure of risk. Not to mention all the people who come to visit either for tourism reasons or just come here to conduct business because they want to come and address their government. They should not have to worry about a chimney falling down or a cornice coming off the edge of the building. They shouldn’t have to worry about being unsafe in this building if there was in fact a fire. They shouldn’t have to worry about the fact that we don’t have code approved egress, fire egress from this building. And as many of you know, on the days when we have significant legislative activity, this building can become very crowded depending upon the level of interest of the public and interest groups in being here. Any type of tragedy that would happen here if I didn’t do anything about this would be both on my watch and on my conscience and I’m not going to allow either one of those things to happen.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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