Gov. Christie: My Administration Is Delivering On A Promise To The Parents And Children Of Trenton


Governor Christie: Today is just another step. I can’t tell you how long I heard about the conditions at Trenton High School, and how people thought I was ignoring what was happening at Trenton High School. I wasn’t ignoring it. I wanted to make sure that we got to the right plan that everybody would agree to, not a plan that the State wanted on its own, not a plan that the school board wanted on its own, or that citizens’ groups wanted on their own, but that we come together to build a high school that we could all be proud of, that when it was done that the children who enter that high school will know by the atmosphere that they are in every day that we value their future. And this building will absolutely show that. I know that when I appointed Charlie McKenna to lead the SDA one of his first actions was to tour the former Trenton Central High School. Surrounded by all those bright young students who were really eager to learn, he came back to me and told me that he saw a building that was crumbling around the children, the rain was running through an interior wall, heat in the cafeteria was stifling. He told me he promised students on that day that he was going to make a difference, and then he told me that I had to help him make a difference. Charlie has been doing that for years to me, so I was not surprised. Past administrations tried to make this new high school happen, and they did not. I’m proud that the Christie Administration is delivering on a long overdue promise to the parents and the children of Trenton, New Jersey, and I can’t wait to see this building starting to go up. The results speak for themselves, our projects in SDA since Charlie took over have been completed on time and on budget with a minimal number of change orders and this project will be no exception. The students of Trenton Central, some of whom are here today, deserve the type of facility that matches their hopes and their dreams for their future. By September of 2019, students will have access to a new, 374,000-square-foot, three-story facility designed to foster the small learning communities that Hope Grant has talked about, which are integral to the district’s educational program and approach and the success that they’re seeing as well.

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