Gov. Christie: CCIT Helps Life Science And Biotech Companies Pioneer Tech Advances Of The Future


Governor Christie:  We’ve seen how big-name employers such as Honeywell, Amazon, Goya, LG Electronics, UPS, Subaru among many others have opened or expanded their presence in New Jersey over the last seven and half years. But what we often don’t hear about are those innovative start-ups that become the next Celgene or the next Amicus Therapeutics. That’s why I decided to come here today to NJEDA’s Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies (CCIT) where life science and biotech companies have an opportunity to pioneer the technological advances of the future. We’ve seen that with Advaxis, we’ve seen it with Chromocell, and all of those are graduates of the CCIT right here. Nearly two-dozen small firms, right now, as we sit here, call CCIT home and we just had the opportunity to look at a few of them, Visikol and Celmatix, both doing some really incredible innovative stuff in the biotech space. All of it is about creating jobs and opportunity and that’s why we came here today to place where it all starts. That gentleman who I just met, started with one employee in one lab in this system right here. And every time he takes on another employee, it is not only primarily to his benefit and his credit but it is also to the benefit and the credit and the EDA and this administration who creates this environment, funds it, and helps it to flourish.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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