This report presents statewide age-adjusted incidence rates for all cancers diagnosed among New Jersey residents during the period 1993-1997 and comparisons of state and national data for 1991-1995. The data for 1997 should be considered preliminary.

The primary goal of this report is to provide 1993-1997 data to health planners, researchers and the public. Data are provided statewide for four population subgroups: white males, white females, black males, and black females. Rates are also provided by gender for all races combined.

The prior report in this series was issued in April, 1998 and presented incidence data for the years 1992-1996. Since that time, the New Jersey State Cancer Registry has converted to an improved cancer data management system that is utilized by many other state cancer registries. The conversion resulted in a delay in completing this report, and an updated report that includes preliminary data for 1998 is expected within several months.

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