New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research

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About Us

Mission Statement

To ensure that the citizens of New Jersey receive the fullest benefit of our nation’s fight against cancer through the promotion and funding of research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer.


Working Together to Eradicate Cancer

Throughout its history, the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR) has united with members of the cancer community so that we might work together to keep New Jersey on the cutting edge in the fight against cancer.

In 1983, the New Jersey Legislature, guided by advocates across the state, recognized the need to respond to the cancer epidemic. With the passage of the Cancer Research Act (P.L.83, Ch.6), the tobacco tax was increased in New Jersey to create an ongoing source of funds to support the high human and economic costs of cancer. Each year, this tax provides new dollars that are devoted to research on the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer. Additional funds come from taxpayer donations on the state income tax return (Breast Cancer Research Fund and Prostate Cancer Research Fund), the Conquer Cancer License Plate and from private donations. The NJCCR administers these funds and supports research projects through a competitive process for scientists across the state at a variety of universities, research centers and other settings.

Early on in its development, the NJCCR recognized that the only sure strategy for success in its mission was to invest in the most talented people. With this in mind, the NJCCR has consistently supported talented young researchers seeking to break into the competitive world of cancer research, and senior investigators embarking on new research directions. A National Institues of Health system of scientific peer-review is used in making its awards, which assures a rigorous and fair approach to all of its endeavors.

To date, the NJCCR has provided more than $23 million dollars for over 500 research projects on cancer. This website presents the NJCCR's recent activities, goals, progress and plans for the challenges that lie ahead on the road to decreasing the human and economic burden of cancer for the people of New Jersey.