Communicable Disease Service

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Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program

New Jersey regulations require that cases of certain diseases as well as all disease outbreaks be reported to local and state health departments so steps can be taken to protect public health.

The Infectious and Zoonotic* Disease Program ensures that reportable communicable diseases are investigated promptly and proper control measures put in place.  The program monitors disease reports and trends through New Jersey’s web-enabled Communicable Disease Reporting and Surveillance System (CDRSS).

Physicians, hospitals, laboratories, local health departments, long term care facilities, correctional institutions and schools submit disease reports to CDRSS.

The Infectious and Zoonotic* Disease Program:

  • Works with local health departments to investigate disease outbreaks
  • Provides technical information for physicians, health officers, disease reporting officers and other public health officials.
  • Consults and provides educational materials on communicable diseases, including fact sheets, disease chapters for the Communicable Disease Services Manual, and case definitions for specified reportable diseases.

For more information about New Jersey disease reporting requirements / regulations, please visit Disease Reporting Requirements / Regulations.

For more Information Please Contact the Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program:
609-826-4872 and 609-826-5964 daily Monday through Friday
609-392-2020 Nights, Weekends and Holidays
(Infectious Disease Emergencies)

*Zoonotic diseases are caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans.

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