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Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work

Video: learn more about what you can do to use antibiotics safely

Get Smart About Antibiotics Week (Get Smart Week) is an annual observance intended to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance and the threat it presents to public health. This year, Get Smart Week is November 16-22, 2015. Antibiotic resistance is when bacteria stop responding to the drugs designed to kill them. We risk turning back the clock to a world where simple infections can kill people as they did a century ago. More than 2 million people in the United States get infections that are resistant to antibiotics every year and at least 23,000 people die as a result.


  • Cold or Flu - Antibiotics Don't Work For You [pdf 2.3m]

  • Fact Sheet - MRSA Skin Infections [pdf 416k]

  • Antibiotics: Good Reasons for Taking Your Pills Correctly
    [English pdf 281k] [Spanish pdf 409k]

  • Are Antibiotics Necessary?
    [English pdf 139k] [Spanish pdf 489k]

  • Do You Really Need Antibiotics?
    [English pdf 120k] [Spanish pdf 146k]

  • Schools and Athletics Brochure [English pdf 129k, Espanol pdf 197k]

  • MRSA: What Body Artists Need to Know [pdf 414k]

  • MRSA - Preventing Skin Infections - Special Health Information for NJ's Inmates [pdf 1m]

  • Snort, Sniffle, Sneeze, No Antibiotics Please [pdf 547k]

  • A Veces, El Remedio Es Peor Que La Enfermedad [pdf 494k]

  • Fact Sheet - A Guide for Parents - Fluid in the Middle Ear [pdf 180k

  • Fact Sheet - A Guide for Parents - Runny Nose [pdf 195k]


  • Una Lección de la Abuelita [Spanish pdf 530k]

  • La hija de Maria se enferma [Spanish pdf 385k]


  • Videotape – “MRSA – Preventing Outbreaks in New Jersey’s Prisons

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    Transcript [pdf 81k]

    MRSA – Preventing Outbreaks in New Jersey’s Prisons
    was developed collaboratively by the NJ Department of Health and the NJ Department of Corrections.

    Length: Approximately 25 minutes.

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Posters - MRSA Prevention Posters (Sports Themed)


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