Communicable Disease Service

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Getsmart for Healthcare

Strategic Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance in New Jersey [pdf 197k]

CME Training

Two free CME activities are available. The time period for awarding credit has passed, but the modules are available for educational purposes.


Health Care Facilities

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America for the Treatment of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infections in Adults and Children [pdf 337k]

  • MRSA National Healthcare Safety Network 2009 Report [pdf 29k]

  • Executive Summary MRSA NHSN 2009 Report [pdf 18k]

  • 2011 MRSA Reporting Guidance for Acute Care Hospitals [pdf 734k] New

  • NJ Training Slides for 2011 MRSA Reporting [pdf 1.5m] New

  • NHSN Training: Points of Discussion and Clarification from October 2010 Training [pdf 49k] New

  • Guide to Determining Patient Days and Admissions for Summary Data Collection [pdf 97k] New

  • Guidelines to Prevent and Control Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Transmission in New Jersey General Hospitals [pdf 232k]

  • Cover Letter MRSA Guidelines [pdf 36k]

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Antimicrobial Resistance in Health Care Settings

  • Infection Control Guidelines for Management of MDROs in Long-Term Care Facilities [pdf 103k]

  • Infection Control Guidelines for Management of MDROs in Acute Care Facilities [pdf 115k]

  • Infection Control Guidelines for Management of MDROs in Home Health and Home Hospice [pdf 110k]

Correctional Facilities

Tool Kits for Professional Groups

Infection Control Professionals and Healthcare Providers


  • Antibiotics: Good Reasons for Taking Your Pills Correctly (brochure) [pdf 421k]

  • Antibiotic Warning (poster) [pdf 1.06m]

  • Your Child and Antibiotics – Unnecessary Antibiotics CAN Be Harmful ( poster) [pdf 184k]

  • What Antibiotics Don’t Work For (poster)Prescription Adherence Tool [pdf 45k]

  • Prescription Adherence Tool [pdf 45k]


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