New Jersey Department Of Health & Senior Services
West Nile Virus Human Testing - 2001

The Department of Health is testing people meeting criteria established collegially with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those criteria include testing blood and/or spinal fluid samples from people with a fever greater than 100 degrees and with altered mental status and with elevated levels of protein in their spinal fluid and/or with muscle weakness. Together, these symptoms are compatible with encephalitis, which can be caused by a number of viruses, including West Nile. Only a West Nile test can confirm or rule out West Nile virus infection. One should not assume that just because someone is being tested for West Nile they have the virus.

ID No. Age County Date of Onset
of Symptoms
Test Results
To Date
HA-001 44 Hudson 5/6 Negative for WNV
HA-002 36 Monmouth 5/1 Pending
HA-003 6.5 Mercer 4/16 Pending
HA-004 36 Burlington 5/8 Patient Not Tested
HS-005 72 Morris* 3/1 Negative for WNV
HA-006 20 Ocean 5/26 Pending
HA-007 50 Ocean 6/2 Pending
HA-008 31 Bergen 6/14 Pending
HA-009 33 Union 6/17 Negative for WNV
HA-010 56 Burlington 6/21 Pending
HS-011 42 Essex 6/16 Negative for WNV
HA-012 62 Burlington 6/20 Pending
HS-013 35 Bergen 6/6 Negative for WNV
HA-014 61 Gloucester 6/13 Pending
HA-015 3mo Atlantic Unknown Pending
HA-016 18 Bergen 6/26 Pending
HA-017 45 Bergen 6/22 Pending
HA-018 29 Somerset 7/10 Pending
HA-019 44 Burlington 7/4 Pending
HA-020 19 Essex 7/1 Pending

* NJ resident tested in another state

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