Cancer Epidemiology Services

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Welcome to New Jersey's official source for cancer statistics, Cancer-Rates.Info/NJ. Our Web application provides cancer incidence and mortality data for New Jersey displayed in maps, tables, and graphs.

Statewide and county-level cancer incidence data are available by cancer site, gender, race, and ethnicity for our most recent years of data. Similar data are available for cancer mortality. Additionally, statewide age-specific incidence and mortality data are presented.

Interactive Cancer DataCancer-Rates.Info/NJ uses a system of 3 "frames" (sub-units) within a single window. These frames contain the application's maps, graphs, and tables. The frame at the upper right portion of the window allows you to specify the data you want. After clicking the "Redraw" button, the neighboring frame at the upper left will display the data map. The frame at the bottom of the window allows you to view associated data tables and graphs. If you view this site with Internet Explorer, any frame can easily be printed by right-clicking it with your mouse and selecting Print or Print Picture.

Windows and frames often need to be re-sized so that all of the available information is visible on your computer monitor and no content remains hidden. Sometimes, it may be also necessary to reset the screen resolution of your computer monitor in order to comfortably view the information. If you are not sure how to do this, please view a short user tutorial on changing frame size, window size, and screen resolution [ pdf 236k].

Although our Web application is generally very user friendly, you may wish to first review the three tutorial presentations on operating the segments of this cancer mapping application. The tutorials are automated presentations that require an installed version of Adobe Flash Player to run on a computer. If you do not have this software installed, it can be downloaded from here. There is a tutorial presentation for each individual frame: Map Tutorial, Criteria Tutorial, and View All Tutorial. The specific tutorial associated with each frame is easily accessed by clicking on the blue and white movie camera icon located in the frame. Camera

You may also wish to review the Help Topics pages for further information. Help Topics pages can be accessed by clicking on the Help Help icon whenever it appears in a frame. Each new Help Topics window that appears also includes a full listing of other Help Topics at the bottom of that page.

Additional data, statistics, and reports are available on our Web site. If you need additional cancer data or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

To start using the application, click on one of the following links: