Cancer Epidemiology Services

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Cancer Reporting for physicians, ambulatory care centers, radiation treatment facilities

Cancer Reporting

Physicians, ambulatory care centers and radiation treatment facilities are required to report all non-hospitalized cancer cases to the NJSCR.  All cases must be reported within six months of diagnosis.  A separate case report form must be completed for each primary. The Cancer Registry Statute [pdf 266k] contains a copy of the reportable list.

The NJSCR will provide assistance if your practice has just opened in New Jersey, you have never reported cancer cases to the NJSCR, or you would like to begin reporting your cancer cases electronically using cancer data software or as part of Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Electronic reporting vis-à-vis Meaningful Use Stage 2 or other cancer data software is strongly recommended.  To begin reporting as part of Meaningful Use Stage 2, click the "Meaningful Use Stage 2" link below to learn more about the Public Health Meaningful Use Criteria and complete the online Registration Form.

Cancer data software, which is NOT certified for Meaningful Use, is available free of charge for reporting cancer cases to the NJSCR electronically. NJSCR staff will assist in the installation and provide training. The software is user-friendly and can assist your practice in complying with your public health reporting requirements in your own practice. If you are interested in obtaining this software, click on the "Cancer Data Software" link below to obtain the necessary forms.

If you are unable to report cancer cases electronically at this time, complete the Cancer Registration Survey and Cancer Case Report Forms.

For questions regarding cancer reporting call 609-633-0500.