Charity Care - New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program

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Hospital Documented Charity Care

Calendar Year 2012 Report of Documented Charity Care [pdf 955k]

Six-year Trends in Documented Charity Care

Below you will find charts that provide an overview of six-year trends in Documented Charity Care, which is an annual summary of the charitable care provided by each acute care hospital.

  • The state-wide six year trend beginning in calendar year 2007 reveals an increase of approximately $85.2 million (9.3%) in DCC, with a peak of $1.03 billion in Calendar Year 2010. Calendar Year 2012 results indicate that DCC declined statewide by 3% ($30M) to $997.6 million over the last two years.

  • Six year trends demonstrate some variability, up and down, for individual hospitals and regions that could be attributed to a number of market and social forces.

             Statewide Total Documented Charity care

Charts By County