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Births by Municipality for 1998-2005
Based on Standardized Mailing Addresses

The table below contains numbers of births to New Jersey residents by mother's municipality of residence for the years 1998-2005. Data for 1989-1997 are available on another page. Data for years after 2005 are available on the New Jersey State Health Assessment (NJSHAD) query system, along with data for 1990-2005.

The 1998 data year marks the inception of a new and more accurate processing method for the geocoding of address information. There are some inconsistencies with previous years' data at the municipality level - and to a much lesser degree at the county level - due to the new procedures. In most cases this occurs where adjoining municipalities share a zip code; therefore, an unusual variation in birth data for a particular municipality may be resolved by examining the relative changes in nearby towns. In particular, portions of Burlington County may show marked irregularities over prior years due to the improved assignment of military residence addresses within municipal boundaries.

Two additional improvements were made with the processing of the 1999 data. First, it was determined that the original municipality assigned was usually more accurate than the municipality assigned by the geocoding software if the software returned an error code. So, in those cases, the original municipality was used. This leads to the assignment of some records to McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix, and Fort Monmouth when the software could not make a match at the zip+4 level. Second, efforts were made to identify true street addresses when post office boxes were given as a mailing address. When a post office box address is used, the geocoding software assigns the record the municipality at the center of the zip code centroid, which may be problematic in cases where zip codes cross municipality boundaries or where the zip code boundaries are irregular in shape.

Note that Pahaquarry Township in Warren County merged into Hardwick Township, also in Warren County, effective July 1, 1997. Therefore, there will be no listing for Pahaquarry for 1998 and subsequent years.

Other sources for New Jersey birth data:

Births by municipality for 1990 and subsequent years are available through the New Jersey State Health Assessment Data (NJSHAD) query system. Data are often posted on NJSHAD several weeks before other tables and reports are prepared and posted.

State-, county-, and municipality-level births by age, race, Hispanic ethnicity, and marital status of the mother; sex and birth weight of the child; trimester in which prenatal care began; and many other characteristics are also available for 1990 and subsequent years on NJSHAD.

Download Excel version of 1998-2005 table

Download PDF version of 1998-2005 table


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