Healthy New Jersey

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The New Jersey Department of Health has been coordinating the Healthy New Jersey (HNJ) initiative for over three decades.  Modeled after the federal Healthy People initiative, HNJ is the state’s 10-year public health agenda, aimed at improving the overall health of New Jersey’s residents.  HNJ is composed of key topic areas which are consistent with the state’s priority health areas.  Each topic area outlines specific objectives with targeted measures for improving health outcomes and health behaviors among the total population, as well as in racial/ethnic, age, and gender subgroups. 

Healthy New Jersey 2020 (HNJ2020) will be used throughout the current decade to identify state health improvement priorities; and raise public awareness and understanding of the various social, political, or economic factors which influence health.  HNJ2020 will also help the New Jersey Department of Health identify critical data collection gaps and research needs.

Leading Health Indicators

New Jersey's 10-year health promotion and disease prevention plan

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