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New Jersey Health Statistics


  •  The number of marriages in New Jersey in 2002 was down 5.6 percent from 2001, while the number of divorces increased 2.4 percent (Table MD1 and Figure MD1).
  • The median ages of all brides and grooms, including first-time brides and grooms, increased slightly from 2001.  First-time brides and grooms were nearly four years older than 20 years ago and the median age of all brides and grooms has risen more than four years since 1982 (Table MD2 and Figure MD2).  The percentage of first-time brides and grooms who were under 20 years of age decreased from 2001.  After declining considerably starting in the 1980s, this percentage has remained fairly stable from the mid-1990s to the present.  The percentage of first-time brides and grooms under age 25 also decreased substantially through the 1980s and has continued to decrease, though at a slower rate (Table MD3 and Figure MD3). 
  • In 63.4 percent of marriages, the bride was younger than the groom.  In about one-quarter of marriages, the bride was older than the groom.  Age differences were more likely and, on average, were larger in marriages where one or both participants had been married before.  In 73.4 percent of first marriages, the bride and groom were within 5 years of each other in age.  This was true in fewer than half (46.9%) of marriages in which the bride or groom or both had been previously married (Table MD5).
  • The percentage of brides and grooms who had never been married before decreased while the percent previously divorced continued to increase (Table MD6). 
  • June was the most popular month for marriages in 2002, followed by September and August.  Nearly 12 percent of marriages occurred in June while only 4.1 percent occurred in January, the least popular month (Table MD8).


Table MD1

Marriages and Divorces, 1982-2002

Table MD2

Median Age at Marriage, 1982-2002

Table MD3

First-Time Brides and Grooms by Age, 1982-2002

Table MD4

Marriages by Age of Bride and Age of Groom

Table MD5

Marriages by Difference in Ages of Bride and Groom

Table MD6

Marriages by Previous Marital Status, 1992-2002

Table MD7

Previous Marital Status of Bride and of Groom

Table MD8

Marriages by County and Month of Occurrence

Table MD9

Marriages and Divorces by County of Occurrence



Figure MD1

Marriage and Divorce Rates, 1982-2002

Figure MD2

Median Age at First Marriage, 1982-2002

Figure MD3

First-Time Brides and Grooms Under 25 and Under 20 Years of Age, 1982-2002

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