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This second incidence report from the New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Surveillance System presents the incidence of mortality and morbidity related to traumatic brain injuries measured by demographic and geographic variables during the calendar year 1997, and compares results to those of the baseline year 1994. TBI incidence for the purpose of this report is defined as an event leading to either hospitalization or death with an injury to the brain as a sole or contributory cause. The TBI surveillance system consists of data from multiple sources, which have been linked using probabilistic matching of records. The hospital discharge (UB-92) file and the single and multiple cause-of-death files maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) are the sources from which the TBI statistics are derived. Tables on total incidence of TBI are based on all three sources of information, while mortality statistics are based on a linked file of hospitalized deaths from the UB-92 and deaths attributed to TBI from the death files. Morbidity statistics are based on hospitalization discharge records (UB-92) submitted to the NJDOH by all acute care facilities located in New Jersey.

The terms traumatic brain injuries and incidents of TBI are used as synonyms in this report. Major findings are presented in the highlights. Results of data analysis are presented in the form of tables, charts, and text. Appendix A contains population estimates by age, sex, and county of residence. TBI surveillance case definition, methodology, data problems and their resolution, and validation studies conducted by the NJDOH are discussed in the technical notes in Appendix B.

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