Smoke-free Air Act Initiative

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New Jersey Quit Services

NJDOH provides three free or low-cost Quit Services to help smokers who want to quit smoking:

  • New Jersey Quitline,a free telephone-based counseling service (1-866-NJ-STOPS);
  • New Jersey QuitNet® , a free online information, counseling, and referral resource (; and
  • New Jersey Quitcenters, low-cost face-to-face counseling clinics (locations available through NJ Quitline and NJ QuitNet).

    These evidence-based services, which follow the U.S. Public Health Services’ 2000 Clinical Practice Guidelines for treating tobacco use and dependence, offer customized solutions for breaking physical, psychological, and behavioral dependence on tobacco.

New Jersey’s Quit Services have already helped thousands of New Jerseyans succeed in quitting. See how they can help you. Call, click or visit today.

NJ Quitline
NJ QuitNet®
NJ Quitcenters
Locate the nearest center at NJQuitNet or NJ Quitline.
  • Free telephone-based counseling service, available six days a week in 26 languages
  • Counselors trained by the American Cancer Society
  • Individualized treatment plan, ongoing support, and follow-up
  • Free online information, counseling, and referral service, 24-7
  • Quit calendar and other quitting tools and strategies
  • Chat rooms and online peer support and encouragement
  • Low-cost face-to-face counseling at clinics
  • Counselors trained at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Public Health
  • Professional counseling in group or individual settings