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Hazardous Substances Emergency
Event Surveillance
The goal of the Hazardous Substances Emergency Event Surveillance (HSEES) project is to reduce or eliminate injuries that can result from hazardous substances events. To attain this goal the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services:
collects information on the hazardous substance events in New Jersey,
analyzes data concerning these events,
identifies risks factors and prevention strategies, and
performes outreach to communities designed to reduce the occurrence and potential injuries from these events.

The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) began HSEES in 1990. New Jersey has been collecting this information since January 2000. New Jersey is one of fifteen states that has a cooperative agreement with ATSDR to conduct work on hazardous substances events under HSEES.  Other states' HSEES websites can be found through the ATSDR at

A HSEES event includes any short-term release or threatened release of a substance (with the exception of petroleum products) that can cause adverse human health effects. Additional information on HSEES is available from the ATSDR HSEES website.

Current Data Click here for a statistical summary of hazardous substance emergency events
Case Studies Follow this link for information on a few cases with injuries due to exposures.
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