Hazardous Site Health Evaluation Program

Hazardous Substances Emergency
Event Surveillance


Household Cleaning Products

The goal of the Hazardous Substance Emergency Event Surveillance (HSEES) Project is to reduce injuries from exposures to hazardous substances.  By reviewing two years of data to see if there were any exposures that occurred more frequently than others, we found that improper use of bleach resulted in the highest percentage of injuries among workers and other individuals.  The HSEES Project and the Outreach and Education Project developed a poster and a fact sheet on bleach and other common household products.  Feel free to download and print these, or call (609) 584-5367 for copies.
Cleaning Products Fact Sheet Common Cleaning Products May Be Dangerous When Mixed - a three-page fact sheet on improper mixing of bleach and other household products
Cleaning Products Poster Never Mix Bleach With... the poster (8 1/2" x 14")