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New Provider Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Early Intervention Program (EIP) provider agency for the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS). 

The NJEIS is revising the EIP enrollment procedures and is not accepting new applications at this time.  The revised procedures will include new requirements and criteria related to implementing NJEIS philosophy in the delivery of early intervention services; documentation of agency policies and procedures; orientation, training and supervision of practitioners; information technology capability; business and accounting practices; ability to ensure timely and accurate electronic billing; and business experience and reputation. 

When the new procedures are ready, enrollment opportunities will be based on an identified need including growth capacity, geographic area, specialized services (hearing and vision impairment), and discipline specific services (OT, PT, Speech & Language).  There is no plan to open enrollment for the intent to increase competition.  Therefore, when a need is identified, successful applicants will receive a letter of agreement to be an EIP service vendor in one or more counties.  As an EIP service vendor, the agency will receive an EIP broadcast communication of children and families that need assignment for services. 

The EIP Assignment Policies and Procedures (NJEIS-09) found at describes the opportunities for service vendors to receive assignments.  In addition, a NJEIS contracted EIP service vendor agency is eligible to respond to competitive Requests for Proposals when a need to increase or replace a comprehensive EIP agency arises.

A specific date when the revised procedures and application will be available has not been determined.  It is recommended that agencies interested in enrollment periodically check the website provided above and review the NJEIS Part C State Plan and other documents available in preparation for the revised enrollment process. 

Agencies may also consider contracting with NJEIS EIP provider agencies to provide services.   NJEIS experience and collaboration will be viewed positively on an enrollment application.  If interested in exploring opportunities to work with contracted EIPs, agencies should contact the Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC) in the counties where they have available practitioners.  A directory of REICs is available at:


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